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Print Collateral, ISB

In my role as a designer at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Indian School of Business (ISB), I created print collateral such as brochures, posters and flyers for various initiatives.

Apart from design execution, I also sourced and created content for the materials used in promoting the Technology Entrepreneurship Programme to participant colleges and within ISB.

Download the TEP Programme Brochure

I designed the programme brochure for the Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) in 2016. The brochure was intended to introduce enrolling colleges to TEP and highlight all aspects of its conception, development and current status.


I conceived a clean and basic layout for the brochure, with a square format and a focus on images and infographics.


The project included sourcing images and generating content, as this is the first documentation and brochure produced for the programme. The format hopes to be carried forward into subsequent annual reports of the TEP.


Following the Design Thinking Workshops of TEP, the Engineering Design Challenge involves student teams working on creating fully-working product prototypes based on specific themes. The students work closely with academic and industry mentors to conceive potential start-up ideas and eventually receive investor funding in Year 2 of the programme.

Students were required to use the design thinking process to design and prototype working solutions. A design challenge workbook was provided to the students to keep track of progress at every stage.

For this stage of the programme, I designed posters and flyers introducing the challenge and highlighting the three themes from which students could choose a problem area to create solutions for. The posters lent inspiration for the themes and helped students track deadlines for their projects.

Final -DC-Main-Promo-JPG

Apart from the TEP, ISB's Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship also hosts a variety of initiatives designed to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing career opportunities for ISB students to join promising start-up ventures.

I designed a poster highlighting the main events planned for the newly expanded Centre, which served to spread awareness of the initiatives on campus at ISB.

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